• Image of All In A Row Panels
  • Image of All In A Row Panels
  • Image of All In A Row Panels
  • Image of All In A Row Panels

All in a Row is one of my new designs and is printed up in an array of gorgeous Figo Fabric solids. All in a Row was born from a doodle in Procreate that I repeated in rows akin to formal floral gardens.

The panels are printed with eco friendly water soluble ink and have been heat set to make them washable on a cool wash.

Fabric piece approx 18 x 14" with the actual print being approx 15 x 10".

My panel prices have remained the same for the last five years despite rising fabric prices and rather than increasing prices I am keeping them the same but no longer able to offer multiple panel discount.

Row 1 L - R
Make Me Blush; Desert Rose; Tangerine; Pumpkin; Ginger; Saffron

Row 2 L - R
Mellow Yellow; Custard; Afterglow; Ginko; Summer Pear (Kona); Parakeet (Kona)

Row 3 L - R
Reflection; Waterfall; Lagoon; Oasis; Blue on White; Vapor

If you don't see the colour you want please message me for a custom bundle.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the fabric there may be some imperfections but every effort is made to make it as perfect as possible. Hopefully any imperfections will only add character ;-)

Please note that exact shipping will be calculated on dispatch and any excess refunded.