• Image of Quilting Workshops with Judy Newman
  • Image of Quilting Workshops with Judy Newman
  • Image of Quilting Workshops with Judy Newman
  • Image of Quilting Workshops with Judy Newman

Workshops with visiting Aussie Judy Newman of A Very Fine House
29TH AND 30th APRIL, 2017

- at Bardsey Village Hall, West Yorkshire

"I am very excited to be travelling to Leeds on two fronts, to meet Karen and to run two workshops demonstrating technique and colour choice in quilts.

I will be teaching Mayfair and Hedgerow but will have many other quilts with me and look forward to a small trunkshow during the weekend to disucss colour and from where I derive inspiration.

Mayfair is a 16 block quilt, hand pieced and Hedgerow is a mostly machine pieced quilt.
Both are hand quilted and are made using many and varied scrap fabrics from long ago and yesterday!

I look forward to meeting quilters from Leeds and surrounding counties."

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I am delighted to be able to offer a weekend of workshops with visiting Judy Newman of Melbourne, Australia. Judy is renowned for her expertise in timeless hand pieced quilts and it is an honour to have her come to Yorkshire and share this expertise.

Join us for hand pieced (or machine pieced if you would rather) Mayfair quilt on the Saturday and machine pieced Hedgerow on the Sunday. We hope you will be able to join us for the whole weekend. Judy will be teaching techniques to make blocks from both these quilts and will also be sharing an insight into her process.

A light sandwich lunch will be provided, along with tea, coffee and cake to keep you sustained!

MAYFAIR a quilt by Judy Newman
(1.6m x 1.6m – hand pieced and quilted)

Mayfair is a colourful eclectic quilt consisting of 16 large blocks with a consistent check/stripe and shot cottons forming a secondary pattern in the corners.

It is made using acrylic templates which I will provide for purchase in class. Alternatively you may wish to cut your own templates using templastic, either is fine.

Below is a list of the class requirements:

25cm of 8 shot cottons or plains
25cm of 8 fabrics in a variety of checks/stripes
16 fat 8ths for the large diamonds
A large assortment of colourful fabrics
(2m in total), these will be cut into small pieces
Bohin/Sewline pencil or similar
Applique mat or sandpaper board
I use Redwork No. 9 needles by Jeanna Kimball
Quilting cotton for piecing or your preferred
General sewing requirements, needles, pins etc.

HEDGEROW a quilt by Judy Newman
Size: 2m x 2m

I am very fond of scrappy quilts with a soft palette and Hedgerow is just that. It is made up of a strong red centre star with many many small and large scraps and a soft strawberry fabric for the borders. It is simply impossible to use too many prints in this quilt, a good stash project.

Below is a list of materials required:

1 Fat 16th of red fabric for the centre star
80cm for the red stripe, inside and outside
1.4m of fabric for the two borders
(I used a strawberry print)
30cm of 6 fabrics for large inset triangles
At least 2m of small pieces in many patterns
Sewing machine with ¼” foot
General sewing requirements, needles, pins,
Thread etc.
Rotary cutting equipment